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Day 2?

AHHH non natural added icky sugars are everywhere! They are hiding in your salad dressings and now I can’t use splenda sweetener for my tea. I’ve been drinking it plain I am practically the bravest soul I know. (I love me some sugar). Anyway so far so good


Breakfast -nothing special apple and water

Lunch- Caesar salad with chicken

Dinner-Toast with some olive oil

cooked tomatoes and apples with cinnamon on the toast


3 mile run

Pop Pilates super butt workout

pop Pilates hot abs

50 pushups

omg I’m like ironman

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And by starting today I meant tomorrow…

Because I don’t have any of the food I need and my non-school friends slept over and wanted waffles for breakfast.

I know this is weird but I feel embarrassed that I’m doing this. I’m only embarrassed about the no processed sugar/fat thing in front of my school friends. My family is pretty supportive and my mom thinks it’s the coolest idea ever. I told my boyfriend I was considering veganism, he was really supportive, apparently his mom was vegan for 5 years or so.

I feel like my school friends will make fun of me in a half joking half mean spirited way.

Ehhh. I just can’t deal with it.

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